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Overnighter | Loess Hills Campout (Hitchcock) and Pizza Picnic

A scenic fall ride and campout into the Loess Hills (Iowa, folks. We're going to Iowa). Additionally, and certainly a highlight of the ride, we'll make a pit/lunch stop at our buddies Ali and Scott's farm (Little Mountain Farm). They'll be fixing some brick oven pizza for us (using ingredients from the farm, of course). After that, we'll pedal up the hill and into Hitchcock Nature Center, which will be our home for the night. We'll be at the group campsite (not the hike-in), which is accessible via the road. Bikes are not allowed on the trails within the park, so we need to be respectful of that and hoof it if you plan to explore. We'll leave from the shop (40th and Farnam) at 12p and hope to arrive at the farm around 2-230p. The route is about 22 miles (one way) and is a combination of city streets, bike trail, paved highway, and, as Jessica says, chunky gravel and purdy Loess Hill-y vistas. You are responsible for yourself and this is an 'at your own risk ride' (<- these are things I have to say, folks. If ya need help, we ain't gonna leave ya stranded). As always, bring enough food/snacks/water for the ride and campout. We'll have a stop at Casey's General Store in Crescent, which is about 5 miles out from the camp (3 or 4 from the farm). The Pizza Picnic is $5 per person (that's a deal!) and camping fee is $10 per tent (also a deal!). Park and ride, meters are free Sunday and Monday (cuz it's a holiday), or just ride up to the shop from your home. I'll have the shop open starting at 11a. There's a coffee shop across the street, btw. Well, uh, that's all I got fer now. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but will update here as things enter my brainplace.