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Hitchcock Overnighter | Fall Ride N' Camp

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Alrighty folks, we're gonna sneak one last campout in before it gets too cold! And before the leaves drop. The wonderful folks at Hitchcock Nature Center have agreed to host us at the group campsite once again (thanks, Chad!). As a reminder there are no bikes on the trail. Please be respectful of that.

Route Info: 20 mile route (40 total). Gravel and steep hills involved, so large tires are a must (sorry road bikers!). It's the end of October, so cold temps are likely (average lows in the 30s), be prepared for those conditions. We got rained on last year, so bring that gear as well. And lights! Sunset is at 6:24p. We'll have plenty of firewood and conversation to keep us warm and get us through the night.

Food/Meal Info: You'll be responsible for two meals at camp; dinner on Saturday night, breakfast Sunday morning. Both over the fire if ya want. We'll bring the s'mores. Of course, bring snacks for on the bike. We will be making stop at the Crescent Roadhouse (at about mile 15 along the route) for a beverage and afternoon snack on the way to camp; they're really nice, have bar food, a nice patio, and a jukebox! There's a Casey's in town as well. Both 'bout 5 miles from our final destination.

Cost: As always, these are free, but you are responsible for camp fees ($7) and food stuffs ($10? A billion? I dunno what or how much you eat!).

When: One'a them Saturday/Sunday deals here folks. Meet at the shop around 11:30a, roll at High Noon (12p). Shop will be open at 9a. And yes, it will be closing early, so I too can ride my bike. And camp. With you. If you're going. 

It is the Saturday before Halloween, so costumes are welcomed [encouraged]. And there will absolutely be storytelling around the fire. Ghost or not. Bring some good ones. I know a lot of folks already have party time, excellent plans in the city, but we'd rather spend it under the stars. Or clouds. But hopefully stars.

GPS can e found here:

So, if you wanna get in one last overnighter before you have to start shoveling yer driveway, come on out and join us. Deal? Deal.

Did I miss anything? I probably did. Email me as to what that is. Or if you have questions.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

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