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Swift Campout | Nebraska Edition

Folks, this is the Nebraska edition of Swift.Industries' annual summer solstice get-out-n-ride-n-camp initiative--and we're planning a doozy! We're collaborating with Little Mountain Farm again (located in Ponca Hills, now!), and this time the folks at Culprit Cafe and Bakery are gonna be in on the dinner scheme. It will be a delicious [TBA] with the fruits of Ali and Scott's labor. 

The route (linked below) will be a moderate level of difficulty. A fair amount of bike path along the river front, but we'll switch it up halfway there and take some gravel North of Neale Woods. Some steep-ish grades, but nothing too crazy. Once in the valley north of there, we'll take P51 and meander up to Ft. Atkinson for a quick stop. Re-up on snacks/water at the gas station in Ft. Calhoun, then head back into Ponca Hills. Maybe a stop at the Alpine Inn, as it's not far from the farm. 25-30ish miles total for the route on Saturday. Come Sunday, you can opt to pickup the riverfront trail not too far down the road from the farm for a quick 11-12 mile trip back to the city. Saturday info can be found here ( Sunday, you'll just take Ponca rd east to the riverfront trail.

We're gonna cap attendance at 25 for this one (food, space, etc), and ask for $16 per person (seems reasonable given dinner is included, and normal campsites are in the $10 range), which we'll pass along to the Culprit and Little Mountain folks. The attendance cap is because Ali and Scott are nice enough to let us use their land and eat their produce, and we'll need a headcount for dinner! (If you want to come and are worried about special dietary restrictions, please email us.) That being said, registration is ~*required*~. To register, please email and we'll get you an invoice that you can pay online. Registration will be only partially refunded if we are rained out, to cover food prep costs for our collaborators--and in that case, we can have a food and beverage party here at the shop! First 15 folks to register get an official "Swift Campout" patch. You can browse other campout goodies here ( We have a fair amount of that stuff in the shop; patches, booklets, luggage, etc. We can order stuff for you, too! Just holler at us!

Phew! So many words! Sorry about that. It's gonna be fun, that's the main take-away.